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Energy right under our feet

geothermalWe’re sitting on a treasure chest of energy. It won’t be cheap to get at it, but the Earth’s heat could serve most of our needs into the far future. More than 95% of the planet’s mass is very hot – much of it around 1000 deg C on average. This is the heat left over from formation of the planet out of the space dust that was pulled together by gravity to form a molten blob of rock 4.5 billion years ago. The Earth’s crust has cooled allowing us to

No power, no water, no land

!zodwa madiba soweto electricity crisis committee in taxi 100_7528

Zodwa Madiba of the Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee speaks to journalists in their taxi.

The streets are deeply rutted and run with stinking effluent. The wasted trees rustle dryly in a dusty wind. The signs of protest are everywhere: a burnt patch on the tarred main road where a tyre was ignited; rocks and stones littering the tarmac; a barricade of

Energy is a people’s issue

protests-protea south-electricity ewn

Police keep watch at Protea South. Source: EyeWitnessNews.

Violent protests have broken out in Protea South, an informal settlement adjoining Soweto, where residents have lost patience with the authorities over power supply. There are no surprises in this turn of events. Protesters have set out to