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The politics, pricing and technologies around power is becoming increasingly contentious and complex to report.  A good understanding of the processes involved in the generation and distribution of electricity is vital to quality reporting of the social issues, power generation, and various developmental issues.

The IAJ, situated in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, was approached to run an energy week for a group of Nigerian media people. They are interested in making comparisons with the energy scene in Nigeria and comparing notes on policies, projects and sustainable energy development. The event has been jointly organized by the IAJ in South Africa and The Third Dimension Media, Nigeria.

The programme is particularly tailored for journalists on the power beat and press officers in power related institutions in developing countries where comprehensive reforms are taking place in line with government commitment to improve electricity supply.

South Africa is a preferred destination because of its accomplishments in the area of electricity in Africa. It is clearly ahead of most African countries in this area. The workshop aims to expose African media practitioners to professional standards in covering emerging issues in the power sector.

What we aim to cover:

  • Generating electricity, including thermal, hydro, renewables, nuclear, and new emerging technologies;
  • Natural gas in Mozambique and how it changes the sector;
  • Specific strengths and weaknesses different modes of generation;
  • The complex politics of power generation in our region;
  • Pricing electricity for industry, and home users;
  • Infrastructure layout and theft;
  • Distribution issues;
  • An alternative trajectory for electricity development in South Africa; and,
  • Electricity as a rights issue.

Attention will be given to the physical production processes, transmission and distribution, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method of power generation.


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